Building a Culture on the One Thing That Motivates All People

Thursday 3:15 – 4:15 PM

Session Description

The Ultimate Why is the foundation for all human motivation. You’ll discover in this interactive, discovery-based presentation why, in 100% of my talks, I get universal buy-in that this indeed is the key motivational factor for everyone. Learn how you can begin to build leadership and an entire organizational culture on this foundation. Learn how it will increase employee engagement, productivity, and joy in your workplace. This is one talk that will forever change your life and how you lead.

Randal Weidenaar

Randal Weidenaar is a dynamic culture change consultant. His keen insight into what shapes workplace culture has been developed by working with cultures from every continent, and individuals from Wall Street boardrooms to refugees in Greece. He has spoken about leadership development and culture creation to corporations, governments, and non-profits. Randal authored “The Ultimate Why,” a culture change curriculum and workbook. Randal is the owner and founder of Notionfront, a marketing firm with clients across the US. He is also the director of Grace Encounter, a self-development organization. He and his wife live on a sustainable farm in central Missouri.