So You Always Wanted to Go to Law School, Huh? How About Taking a Seat on the Witness Chair Instead!

Tuesday 8:00 – 11:30 AM

Session Description

This fun and interactive session will demonstrate how the depositions of the HR Manager and the decision-making Supervisor can go superbly . . . and how they could go terribly wrong.  Join an energetic Ogletree team who will walk you through a (not so) hypothetical scenario and deposition questioning of the key company witnesses by the fired employee’s attorney and by the company’s lawyer.  What documents will be used as exhibits?  Did the company witnesses prepare for their depositions well?  What questions by the employee’s attorney will the witnesses stumble or crumble on?  Can questioning by the company’s lawyer save the situation?  What will the witnesses discuss with their lawyer during the breaks?  Will the settlement value of the claim increase or decrease?  And, can the case be dismissed on a summary judgment motion?  As an attendee, you will have the opportunity to actively participate by asking additional questions of the witnesses, as well as being the judge and jury at the end of the session.  Don’t miss this eye-opening learning opportunity . . . before you are asked to take the witness seat yourself in real life!